Zach Stewart

My previous roles since graduating have been in several different sectors. When I came out of school I had a brief stint with a web development firm, but ultimately decided that wasn't the best fit for me. I took a role later that intrigued me greatly. I work for an Industrial Door Company, helping them not only with sales strategies but also with developing their digital strategies and pushing them into the new era of business. This was very interesting for me because throughout my life, through my family, I have always been involved with the industrial realm.

When I went to school I began to see drastic differences from the Tech/Modern Era of companies and the development of the Industrial Era. By taking this position I have assisted in paving the path for a whole industry to eventually follow. Our company is the pioneer in this frontier and I've been the one leading it.

In addition to my day job, I have kept the entrepreneurial spirit alive and am starting my own company. I'll provide details the further along the product gets!

When I started at DEM Society, I came in as a Production Director for UTM/TV. I essentially helped the Creative Directors visions come to life by helping organize everything. Within months our President Eric Madan, believed I had the drive, the passion and intelligence to lead the UTM/TV as a whole. In addition to that role I was given the role of Director of Partnerships. In this role I was responsible for getting all the sponsorship dollars we needed to run the event (not without my stellar team of course).

DEM Society improved my entire education. School is school. You learn what is theoretically taught and you don't get your hands dirty. It's easy to get good grades if you study hard, but what does that even mean once your out of school? Being a part of DEM Society helped me learn the functions of a business, the need for teamwork, the importance of capital and how one group of dedicated individuals can really make a difference. If I had to choose between the two, DEM Society made me grow much more as a person than my education did.

Your not better than any job title. Some people come out of University with a sense that they deserve a good job. Everybody starts somewhere, get your feet wet and start. The longer you postpone taking a job, the more people won't give you the time of day. Be "deserving" once you prove yourself in the work environment.

Justin Teng

My previous role was President of DEM Society. I believe that this position played a significant role on greatly broadening my connections and improving on my professionalism. Upon graduation I hope to work my way into the Branding and Advertising industry!

Being the former President of the DEM Society helped me to form a new perspective during my last year as an undergraduate student. The role, combined with my workload no doubt improved my time management skills and even improved my multitasking capabilities! As part of my responsibilities for this role, I had to ensure that anything we did as a team moved our organization forward in terms of recognition and quality. It also meant that I had to be reliable to my fellow peers and to my team, so that they knew they could always have someone to count on.

Make as many connections as you possibly can; in the end it’s the fastest way to get the better job. Don’t be afraid to connect with a senior level executive through e-mail or LinkedIn directly as you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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